Walmart | Knoxville, Tennessee

Once again we are in a Walmart parking lot, but this one is special because Jean went in to get dog food and came back to let me know that this was “the best one yet” and that there are tons of hillbillies in there. She was right and it was mighty fun because the people here talk funny and everyone had soda in their cart.

Anyway, we left Calgary in a hurry because Calgary kind of sucks. We met multiple people in Fernie (who called themselves CalgaFernian) who sung the praises of their home city comparing it favorably to Denver which ultimately means that either Denver sucks ass or they’re liars. We blasted through Saskatchewan because it is a barren wasteland and landed in Winnipeg where we got to see a real life NHL hockey game.

I took one picture and this is it. Jean really needs to deal with the pictures on here.

We found Canadians to be friendly and sarcastic, a knockout combo, and thus would strongly consider moving to the Great White North. Also, Costco sells poutine in their food court that was top notch (confirmed by a Quebecois couple we sat with in the food court).IMG_4104

Since then we have been meeting up with family in Minneapolis, Chicagoland, Indianapolis and Evansville, Indiana and was a deeply rewarding experience as well as a reminder to stay in touch with family as best you can. My Granny Koewler summed it up best with:

“In life, you have something like five balls that you are juggling at one time; one is family, and if you drop that one it breaks and that’s no good; the other one is work, and that one probably won’t break; the third one… I forget the third one and the rest of them but it doesn’t matter, you get my point.”


We are keenly aware of the fact that this is a goofy looking vehicle and are attuned to the reactions of those who see it passing by. Since we are moving pretty quickly, you only get to see a brief second of the look on their faces essentially leaving us with a series of mental snapshots. The overwhelming majority of onlookers are somewhere between bemused and amused, but some like to give a thumbs-up and nod of approval. The most fun is when we’re driving down a 25 MPH street and regard the looks of people making turns from adjacent streets because we get to watch their funny faces turn to watch us go. Actually, the most fun is when you pass a bunch of dudes standing in a front yard, or a construction site (hilarious), or a school (not a college, though, because millennials don’t get it). Today, in the most hillbilly area of Kentucky, we turned a corner and I see a husky 10-12 year-old boy pumping a football back to throw to his equally fat 10-12 year-old companion and fumbling it when he saw this thing.

I have taken relatively few pictures so here’s what you get:


One thought on “Walmart | Knoxville, Tennessee

  1. Keep on truckin,’ y’all!! I’m back home finally and am expecting you to stop by my place in San Diego and spend some time reminiscing . Keep the blogs coming and Jean taking the pics! The OZ from Patagonia!


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