Fernie, B.C. (Canada, North America, above U.S.A.)

Oh, hey, a lot has happened since the last post (and before that post) and now here we are in Fernie, in the Vixen feeling like a million bucks. I stopped writing for a number of reasons but that’s my problem and not yours. Anyway, we (I am speaking for Jean) did a load of things in South America and are grateful for–and are humbled by–the experience. But, Patagonia… sweet baby Moses… I get it, now. So special. South America is just wonderful. Someday Jean and I will bullet point it and tell you what we did, but for now here is my favorite visual from the whole trip.


Aforementioned, we’re in the Vixen now After 4 weeks in the shop dealing with “electrical gremlins” we are on the road and began our trip in Missoula, Montana visiting Jean’s lovely family and experiencing all sorts of Americana– college basketball, a walk-up only Dairy Queen, Alpine Ski jumping at the local mountain where the competitors launch up to 200 feet and I swear every one of them was like 40 with a party-gut and skied straight from the jump to the bar (also, there was a huge cup-shaped trophy for the winner that I saw being used as a pizza holder).

I didn’t take any pictures so here’s a picture of Jean where she got ink all over her face and didn’t know it.

America rules. I’m so happy to be back. Granted, we’re in Canada now but Canada has all of the American stuff I want. Layers of my favorites and whatnot.


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