Lima– quick update

We’re in Lima and the trip is off to a good start, for the most part. I’ll hit you with some bullet points:

  • Jean celebrated her birthday a day late because procrastinating is fun. We went to an Irish bar and played darts. She got hugs from all the wait staff and happy birthday in English and Spanish.
  • I got bit by a dog.
  • We heard 5 Beatles songs.
  • We’re drinking the water and have perfectly normal BM’s.
  • We bought a bus pass that will take us all over the south of Peru and it looks like we may be here for a month-or-so.
  • We saw a couple get into fisticuffs on the street and shamelessly enjoyed it.
  • We got tired of spending money on expensive food and took a risk at a hole-in-the-wall and lost. We scooped the heart, stomach and gizzard into a bag so that we didn’t appear to be rude but ate the potatos.
  • Jean’s shoes didn’t fit so we bought new ones. She was sincerely considering tipping a waitress with her old shoes.
  • I haven’t yet seen a Jaguar but saw a Peruvian woman flop a breast out and her arreola was seriously half the size of the boob.
  • We both got homesick already but didn’t say anything to the other out of fear of being a pussy. That’s all worked out and we’re OK now.

We’re having fun. Maybe I’ll wax poetic tomorrow, but this is about all I can do for now.

Pasta luego.

Art museum

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