It’s a Vixen

This is Jean and David’s blog about our travels and such. We’ve been planning on doing this trip for a good amount of time but have not spent a good amount of time planning it; this was a little bit by design and a little bit because we are lazy.

The title of this page refers to our beloved piece-of-shit/one-of-a-kind RV that will maybe take us around the US for the second leg of the trip. Although the title may be slightly confusing, it is no worse than some dumbass title that would maybe be more appropriate (a la “”). Also, it sounds good to say aloud– it really rolls off the tongue. And the domain was $11.99.

Regarding the trip: we don’t have firm plans but we have goals and a general idea of what is going to happen. The goal is to be in South America for about 4 months, then go to Canada for a wedding, and finally round out the term doing the aforementioned RV tour. All I hope for is that we have a good time, read a lot of books, no one gets seriously injured, and to see a Jaguar.

First stop is Lima, Peru. We haven’t booked a place to stay, yet.

We’re going to miss a lot of stuff here– babies being born, holidays being celebrated, the changing of the seasons, etc. But absence makes the heart grow fonder and there is a big magnet down south that won’t stop pulling us, so we gotta go.

Hopefully you, dear reader, will enjoy the bullshit we have to say about the world and will actually read this so I don’t have to repeat myself upon returning.

David & Jean

2 thoughts on “It’s a Vixen

  1. Hey You Two!

    We love that you are doing this and cannot wait to see all of the wonderful adventures awaiting you! Sending much love from Austria! Heather, Klemens, Lukas, William, Henry and Flora 🤗

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