Lake Titikaka

Titikaka is a hilarious name. We arrived in Puno after 2-days of abject misery spent in a hotel room in Arequipa attempting to recover from some sort of illness. Misery loves company and I was wallowing in it—at one point I started planning my funeral and swore that I would only eat healthy food for […]

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Colca Canyon

The trip to Colca Canyon started and ended on a very low note, but the middle was really quite pleasant. To begin, we had to catch a ride in a small sprinter van that had no room for the people it was ferrying and absolutely no room for our bags. To make matters worse, my […]

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We arrived in Arequipa, a beautiful city of about a million people on a night(mare) bus at 5 in the morning. It seems as if our dune buggy driver took a second job at the helm of the bus and chose a path that literally had no stretches of straight roads longer than a furlong. […]

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Unbeknownst to us, the bus we signed up for to take us around Peru is most definitely on the tourist circuit. However, this isn’t all bad and we’ve dropped our pretentions about what makes a trip a trip and are along for the ride. Paracas was nothing special (in my humble opinion) and bloated with […]

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Another quick update

(I just proofread this and realize that I am a little/a lot jaded. Lo siento. I hope that you, dear reader, know that Jean keeps me positive and that this trip is a sincere effort to turn that frown upside down. Also, heartwarming shit: I saw two canucks entertain two small Peruvian girls and color […]

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Lima– quick update

We’re in Lima and the trip is off to a good start, for the most part. I’ll hit you with some bullet points: Jean celebrated her birthday a day late because procrastinating is fun. We went to an Irish bar and played darts. She got hugs from all the wait staff and happy birthday in […]

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It’s a Vixen

This is Jean and David’s blog about our travels and such. We’ve been planning on doing this trip for a good amount of time but have not spent a good amount of time planning it; this was a little bit by design and a little bit because we are lazy. The title of this page […]

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