California, etc.

  Instead of going to San Diego we channeled our inner old person spirit and went to Palm Springs which happened to coincide with Coachella. A couple of people asked if we were here for Coachella to which my reply was always a haughty “no” because I can be arrogant like that sometimes. After running […]

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The South

Jean asked yesterday when I last wrote a blog post and I was unsure. Turns out it was a long time ago, but we have been busier than I thought we would be. As of the writing of this we are alive in Tucson celebrating our 7,500 mile crossing at the mechanic for some preventative […]

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Jumping ahead to the most exciting thing to happen on this trip because it is an actual story. Real quick to get you to where we are: we rented a car in the north of Chile, drove 3,000 kilometers aross the Atacama desert to Santiago, did that whole city thing, flew to Patagonia and have […]

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Cusco, Peru

It’s amazing how quickly one adjusts to new surroundings. Only one month ago the sight of a child with gold teeth would have shocked me or the idea of paying $1.25 for a three-course meal with meat would have scared me, but that shit is old hat. I have mentally prepared to see a person […]

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La Paz, Bolivia

It occurred to me that travel blogs that read as an account of what any particular traveler has been up to is insufferable; it is like hearing about one’s dream from the night before or reading Ulysses. The fact of the matter is that traveling is mostly procedural and rote but is punctuated by moments […]

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Lake Titikaka

Titikaka is a hilarious name. We arrived in Puno after 2-days of abject misery spent in a hotel room in Arequipa attempting to recover from some sort of illness. Misery loves company and I was wallowing in it—at one point I started planning my funeral and swore that I would only eat healthy food for […]

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